Mike Levine is a Fearless Conservative and Lifelong Floridian. Mike grew up in Orlando, graduated from Colonial High School, and moved to Tallahassee, ultimately graduating from Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University. Mike is a product of the Great State of Florida. In 1996, Mike opened a successful Real Estate business known as Levine Asset Management and he still runs the business today, helping businesses and families thrive in a competitive economic environment.

Mike’s real estate experience and his passion for assisting working Floridians in their pursuit of upward economic mobility led to his involvement in countless organizations where he held the following offices of responsibility, among others:

  • President of the Osceola County Association of Realtors -1999
  • President of the Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors – 2008
  • Florida Association of Realtors – District Vice President – 2001
  • Board of Directors for Florida Association of Realtors – 1998-2010

Though Real Estate is Mike’s livelihood, his love of God, country, and Florida inspired him to become who he is today; a Fearless Conservative constitutionalist involved on many levels of grassroots politics. Including:

  • Member of the Lake County Republican Executive Committee (REC) since 2010
  • Chairman of the Lake County REC 2012-2016
  • Chairman of the Lake County REC policy committee (currently)
  • Former candidate for Lake County Board of Commissioners
  • County Chairman Republican Party of Florida 2012-2016

While there is no doubt that Mike is a dedicated hardworking professional and activist, Mike’s true passion is spending time with his Son-In-Law Keith Hall, his daughter Lindsey, and his three precious grandchildren.

Mike is running for office on behalf of his family and yours, as well as the destiny of all Floridians. Mike will end the socialist and Marxist agenda that threatens America and is antithetical to American values. Mike understands the path ahead is straightforward… ensure the safety and security of every Floridian, demand and achieve election integrity, END the WOKE Agenda, Protect the Right to Life, Combat Inflation, and Restore Faith and American values in education. These are the benchmarks that underpin a peaceful, robust, and prosperous Florida.